Sea Star Summer by Sally Partridge // Book Review

So about a month ago South African author, Sally Partridge, held a book giveaway on her website. In celebration of her latest book being released, Sea Star Summer. I relentlessly & passively entered. And at the time of entering the giveaway I had seen her books at my local public library, but I never had the chance to take it out or read any of her books.
If I'm being honest, when I initially entered the competition I had no idea that I was actually stood any chance of winning. So would you imagine my surprise to finding out that I was one of the people that won the giveaway. I was so surprised by winning it, not only was it my first time winning a book giveaway but it was also the first time I could do a book Haul on my Instagram account [@themostlybookishblog]. 👁️👄👁️
I'm probably drawing this intro out for way too long.😅 So without further or do here is my review of Sea Star Summer by Sally Partridge. 
Pros1 - The Atmosphere. I absolutely loved this book's atmosph…

The Heroes of Olympus//Series Review

*Disclaimer/Apology* Sorry for not posting any new blog posts for quite sometime, I’ll try to not do this sort of infrequent posting thing again. If you want any new content from me or reading updates. You can follow me on Instagram (@themostlybookishblog). Because I’m much more active on those platforms.
With that out of the way; last time I posted something on this blog it was a review of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. At the end of that post I mentioned that I was going to review the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.  So, without dragging this out any longer than it needs to be. This is my individual reviews for each book in the series. 
The Lost Hero The first book in this series is actually one of my least favourite books in the series and one of my least favourite books from Rick Riordan. The book had a plot issue the characters would do something big (in terms of plot progression) and then the book would change perspective and that character wo…

Quick Fire Reviews II ⏱️🔥

So for this second installment of quick fire reviews I'm going to be reviewing the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series seeing as I recently reread the series. The Lightning Theif: The book follows a 12 year old boy named Percy Jackson, who discovers that everything in greek mythology is still around in the modern world. He then learns that his father is the Greek God, Poseidon, which means that his a demigod (half human, half Greek god). He is accused of stealing the master lighting bolt from Zeus and then has to go on a quest to right those wrongs. 
This is the best way I could think of making Mythology sound interesting to kids. And the jokes still managed to make me smile.   Rating: 5/5
The Sea of Monsters: This was and quite frankly still is my least favourite book within the PJO series. It had some foreshadowing to later books but besides that, it wasn't enough to really keep my attention all the way through. I liked that we got introduced to one of my personal favourite c…

Quick Fire Reviews ⏱️🔥

So, this is a new thing I'm trying to do on the blog. I hope you guys like this new idea, and I hope I keep up with this. 
The Thunderhead: This is the second book in the Arc of the Scythe trilogy.  From the Goodreads reviews that I saw online most people either fall under liking/disliking the book. I for one, really liked this book alot more that the first book. Rating: 4.5/5
The Toll: This is the third book in the Arc of the Scythe trilogy.  This was the best book in the series. Everything from the plot to the characters to even the world got elevated to a new height in this book. I would have wanted a sequel series or a different series within the same world, but I loved the way the series wrapped up so well.  Rating: 5/5

Scythe by Neal Shusterman// Book Review

(This Review might contain Spoilers :) 
I recently finished Scythe by Neal Shusterman, and may I just say I loved it. It had plot twists that I never could have guessed, I was shocked almost all the way to the end.

Scythe is one of those books that once you start reading all you want to do is to see how the book will eventually wrap-up - and may I just say I liked the ending plot-twist. Something that I really appreciated within this book was the writing style Neal Shusterman used, it's really easy going/straight to the point and isn't very prose heavy - which helps people like me who can lose interest easily.

Now with all of that said this would be an otherwise 3 star book for me. But I think what pushed this over towards a 4 star book was the world, concept & execution of the concept. The utopian setting of the book feels somewhat unique & tangible. 

RATING: 4/5 stars